Hightower Castle History

Hightower Castle was designed and built in 1962 by Hussein Kaedbey, an engineer who had strong insights into the future. In fact it was his anticipation of an imminent war which initially prompted him to create a private residence that would provide defense in times of conflict.
Some of the original structural features include a fortressed wall, an underground escape tunnel and a fortified watchtower, all which exist today.

Shortly following the death of Kaedbey in 1975, the property was sold to Kamal and Ghada Aridi, at the onset of the civil war. The war took it’s toll on the property and it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that the reconstruction of the destroyed fortress began. Like his predecessor, Kamal Aridi also had a vision of his own; to transform this war-torn property into a grand castle that would protrude high above the stunning landscape. Consequently, four imposing turrets were added to each corner of the original building. It is these turrets that have come to characterise today’s Higthower Castle, in addition to the exterior watchtower that continues to guard the castle gates.

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